The wild lovechild of a Mexican Ese and Victorian Maiden, The Duchess of Argyle has taken to Finnieston, beautifully clad in stained glass and serving only the most authentic of Mexican dishes and drinks. Driven by a desire to smash the stodgy, tinfoil-wrapped stereotypes pinned to her TexMex brother, every Taco and Antojito that leaves the kitchen is a true homage to the fresh, invigorating flavours of the “Me-hi-cano” homeland.

No Mexican Tavern would be doing the old country justice without an abundant supply of vitamin t; and that’s why The Duchess has swept into town carrying THE WORLD’s only Tapatio Tequila Frozen Margarita Machine… but don’t worry, we know that you can’t properly enjoy a Margarita Slushy without some decent música, so we’ve got some of our local DJ’ing hombres stopping in every weekend to make sure that your night at The Duchess is one to remember, or not. Vamos de fiesta!

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1038 Argyle Street,
G3 8LX

0141 237 5020